Why We Read

Reading is just something we do and that most of us have always done, but have you ever thought of the benefits to it. There is more that you get out of it than just entertainment. Let us take a minute and think about some of the other reasons that we read.

To Learn

When was the last time you learned something from the television? It happens, but not very often. Reading, on the other hand, is a very great way to expand your horizons. You can obviously learn a great deal from non fiction books, but you can also learn from fiction. Fiction can teach you new dialect, about other cultures and much more.

To Stimulate The Mind

First and foremost, we read to stimulate the mind. Sure, you could get your entertainment from the television but it would do little for your brain. Mindlessly taking a story in is no way to exercise your mind and if you want to stay sharp well into your later years, you need to give it exercise.

To Relax

Reading is relaxing. We get lost in the characters that we read about or the information that we are learning. When you think about relaxing, how often does it involve someplace quiet and a good book.

To Improve Communication Skills

Reading is a great way to pick up words and forms of expression. Our language is so extensive that there is almost always room to expand our vocabulary. additionally, reading teaches us new ways to express ourselves.

For Cheap Entertainment

Reading is one of the most inexpensive things that you can do to entertain yourself.  At the worst, books are very cheap with digital downloads costing just a few dollars a piece. At the best, it is free when you take advantage of your local library.

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